Sunday, April 21, 2013


Hola Familia!

Mom, our ward is strong, and even experiences some of the troubles of wards in the United States, though there are also the problems associated with being in a different country as well. We have correlation meetings hit and miss, but I attend the gospel doctrine class and priesthood with the elders. I think all the young men are together. The ward has one sister out and two elders with two more before I leave the area I think. Wait to send the Ensign in English until I know whether or not I will get one from the mission, but I’m pretty sure that I won’t.

Congrats to Jessica on the mission call, I’m so happy for her and the opportunity she’s wanted to serve the Lord for a long time and I’m glad she has this chance.  On the same note, wahoo  for Dallin! I’m stoked he’s in the field and happy he’s choosing to serve as well. The biggest challenge now is to be obedient in spite of everything else after the MTC. There’s a lot of little things that missionaries do that aren’t obedient. They aren’t necessarily bad, and they can still be successful missionaries, but I know deep down that they aren’t as successful as they could be otherwise because it’s the little things that impede us from fulfilling that Godly potential we have. 

I went to the temple with my zone today, but forgot my camera at home, so there won’t be any pictures with this letter, sorry. Additionally I forgot the paper that I had with things to write you about written on it, so I’m just winging it. This week we had our first really solid commitment to baptism by way of Julia. She’s the mother of a missionary going to Paraguay who just arrived in his field of labor. She has been super worried and actually kind of broken about him leaving because he is her last at home and she’s widowed. She took the lessons starting two weeks ago and next Sunday (28th) she will get the American :) I’m so glad we have the gospel and that I know you aren´t terribly upset I’m on a mission, that you understand the purpose of me being here and the incredible experiences that I’m having. She was one of those golden investigators that we couldn’t teach fast enough.

Other questions to answer:

Yes I write from a cafe, and no I don´t get to print my letters in the morning

I write sometime around 10 in the morning or 11 usually, but it’s something like east coast time here.

Short sleeves all the time, it is HOT, but not uncomfortable. Suits only for church, temple, and president.

In church meetings I don´t really participate, it’s more like finding our investigators and making sure they get to class, and catching the second half of class.

I bore my testimony on the spot during my first Sunday here, but there’s really only been one ¨normal¨´ Sunday here. I don´t know whether we will get asked to speak or not, but I don’t think so.

Food is almost all the time rice potatoes and chicken, occasionally mixed up with a potato soup or fried fish, we never cook for ourselves because we don’t have a kitchen. We eat lunch with members and dinner is snacks at various members or investigators that they offer when we visit. It’s kind of a hospitality thing.

I didn’t volunteer for choir, but it seems to be coming together. There are a couple first timers and so it’s kind of exciting

That’s all I have time for, so I hope a picture is kind of coming together.

Kolby: spend some time with Melissa specially this week if you have any to spare. Especially try to beat her in monopoly for me ;)

Love you all and love reading from you (thanks dad!)


Elder Nelson

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