Monday, July 29, 2013

Blessings from a Missionary

Dear Family,                                                                                                                                         

Mom, there is no such thing as the worst Mom ever award, and there’s no way in the world for you specifically to earn it. Don´t let me catch you down on yourself again, and I type that with as much love in my voice as I can. You are the best mom, the only mom I have, and irreplaceable in my personal plan of salvation. In regards of Braden and Ashley, thank you for sending the announcement, I’ll await its arrival, also I wonder about Braden´s side of his engagement story still. I have a word document with each account, and I´d like to hear his.

The story of Darci and Joe finally getting pregnant is as follows from Peru:
From the time my mission started I knew that the families of missionaries receive special blessings, but also that Heavenly Father doesn´t just give blessings without us asking for them. Every fast Sunday from the start of my mission, I have fasted for two things: for Braden to find his wife, and for Darci and Joe to have success in their efforts to get pregnant. At first I didn’t think it was working, and then Braden got engaged, surprise! Then I didn´t think I was fasting right for Darci and Joe and I fasted for comfort to withstand this trial and for them to be eventually blessed with a family even if it means adoption or otherwise, surprise!

Our Heavenly Father loves and looks out for each of us in an individual form. He wants what’s best for us and for us to know true happiness at the end of this life. He knew that if Darci got pregnant before she did, she wouldn’t have gone on the trek, or she wouldn´t have had some other experience. The same applies for Braden meeting Ashley when he did, and we all know she had a direction to go as well. He loves us. He wants us to understand and know him more than we can even comprehend.

Arturo´s Catholic marriage doesn´t count because as a church, we respect the law of the land as regards marriage, not the law of other churches. That’s as best I can understand of that situation. His wife is very very Catholic and wants to know absolutely every reason why there should be a restoration and the Book of Mormon. We´ve given her some more scriptures to read, and it scares her a little, the change. I personally hope she has the faith necessary to accept them as true, because I know that without faith, she won´t remain active in the church even if she gets baptized. Faith is the power that keeps us clinging to the iron rod, even when our own family is in the great and spacious building, mocking us for choosing to be righteous. She needs that kind of power, and I hope and pray she gains it.

The Gonzalez Family: Juan, Ericka and Joyce
The Gonzales family got baptized this weekend. The dad told his boss that he will be traveling into Lima to come to church every single weekend until the end of the 4 months even though the project is already 20 days behind schedule. He has that kind of faith. The mom went under the water two times and the daughter three times. It scares people to have that kind of trust in the person baptizing them, but really that’s symbolic of the trust we need to have in the Savior as the redeemer of the world. Elder Gaibor baptized the couple and a youth from the ward baptized Joyce. They were confirmed the next day, and now they are a complete family as members of the church. They will be sealed next year in the Peru Lima temple if they keep their baptismal covenants. I have no doubt they will.

There are mainly services here for work, and the majority of people work for small businesses. There are big chains for things like ice cream or sweets, but those are sold by individual vendors. The most valuable jobs to train for in college are engineering type jobs, trades like electrician, but the jobs that give you the most time flexibility are as taxi drivers with their own cars. The majority of drivers rent a car and that means 16 hours a day driving to pay off the car and gain enough for a family.

I love you all and continue to fast and pray for you as individuals. Keep reading scriptures and conference talks, and praying as a family. Family night is super important as a tool to unite families.


Elder Nelson

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