Monday, August 12, 2013

No Bad News

Dear Family

I underlined family this week because that’s what we are. I´ve found that even though I may be in a different hemisphere, I feel what happens there. For two or three days, since Friday, I´ve felt empty like I´m missing something or that something wasn´t right. Our Father in Heaven loves each and every one of his children. He has provided a beautiful way for Darci and Joe to raise their child in an environment free of evil influence, in the millenium. I can´t wait for that day when we are able to meet this special, wonderful spirit who was so valiant that he or she didn´t have to support this life and generation we live in. I love you so much Darci. Never forget that we are family and that no matter what happens, we will be together. Joe, I know you are strong as a returned missionary, but don´t forget that your priesthood can´t bless you yourself. You can bless Darci, but don´t forget the power of asking others for help, especially your priesthood leaders. For you both, we pass through trials only because Our Heavenly Father knows we can overcome them. You are special parents, chosen to raise a child in the millenium, your call is marvelous, and your duty is clear, live worthy to be here for your child, and trust that He will give you a child to raise in this life.

The bishop´s sister in law, Mary, has been suffering from some sicknesses as well, a precancerous mass in her uterus I think...medical terms still aren´t too clear for me. We knocked on their door looking for the bishop, and she came out and almost in tears asked us if we could come by in an hour to give her a blessing. (she´s single at 29 and lives with her mom, who is separated, the both of them are incredibly active and faithful, but don´t have priesthood in their immediate home) So what do two elders do when his happens, we go to our next appointment, bail on the one in an hour and go to her. We called her brother who drives a taxi in the early morning hours to wake him up so he could come help. I annointed her, and her only brother gave her this blessing. I felt so incredibly blessed to have heard it. The love of Our Heavenly Father for her was evident as he said the words promising that she would find a faithful man to be sealed to in the temple, and that someday she would be a mother to children despite her illness right now. It was powerful to say the least. As we left, I could see in my mind her with her family, happy and enjoying the life that her Father has given her. I don´t know if that will happen now in this life, or after, but I know it will happen.

Marcos' Baptism
This week we also baptized Marco. He´s 11 years old and pretty quiet. His mom is an inactive member of the church, but his extended family is our pensionista and her 7 kids with 5 of them married in the temple. He will have a ton of support, but we hope that this baptism will help her to start taking steps to come back. At minimum for the ward to start sending visiting teachers there to visit her. It was probably the first and only baptism that I will have that didn´t really have a problem. He was healthy all the way up to his baptism, he was worthy, he came to church to get confirmed. I wonder what’s down the road for him, but I know that he’s a chosen youth for this generation.

This news won´t bring me down, don´t worry about that. With a gospel perspective, there’s no bad news, it´s all good. That´s what this life is all about right? Repent, serve God, and be happy about it. That´s a mixture of a scripture in Alma 42 I think and another one I can´t remember at the moment.
Zona Magnolias.  Elder Dansie, in the front,
is the only other American


Congratulations Braden and Ashley. I pray for your spiritual strength every day, and that everything is what you have dreamed of for your wedding. In our Sunday school class this week the teacher gave kind of an unrelated beginning, but it might be for you two. We are all princes and princesses, children of a king, who wants to give us his entire kingdom, but to do so we have to fight dragons, cross moats, and journey far away first. Keep your focus on the goal, and you won´t ever get lost along the way.

I love you all, thank you so much for your letters Kolby, Melissa, Ashley, Dad, and Gma and Gpa Sorensen. I will respond maybe next week to hose that I missed responding to this week. I love and pray for you all continually, if there is something I don’t know to pray for, let me know, and I´ll be there. Darci and Joe, I love you, and He loves you, don´t lose your focus.


                                                                                   Elder Nelson

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