Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cold Showers and a Questionnaire

Dear Familia,                                                                                                        September 23, 2013

The rivalry will never die, I just have to thank President Erickson for putting me in this zone, because there was a U student in the other zone and he would have rubbed it in ;)  Also, who’s that girl in the picture you sent me...surely not Melissa? She looks taller...and older....nope not my little sis.

*Do the wards there have any activities like this?  Things they can invite their friends to to socialize, etc? 

Yes we have ward activities. Usually it’s some crafty thing or food for the sisters, like how to prepare a whole dish, or there’s a weekly soccer game for the men, and this past week they all watched remember the titans. The elders’ quorum presidency is trying to put together a weekly mutual that makes them more of a cohesive group and that’s really good to have something every week to invite investigators to. Just this last week a youth brought a friend to church, and she will be receiving the lessons soon. The only problem is that 90 percent of the members live in the other area, so when people bring their friends they rarely are from our area.

*Is it a wealthier area?

Definitely a wealthier area, more educated with bigger houses and little lawns a lot of the time in front. The people have more money in this part of the ward and so they are less, but we are currently working on trying to locate all the less actives on this side to make that a big focus, reactivation.

*Are there store nearby (I was considering putting additional money in your account for Bday/Christmas)  If so what kind?  Are the fast food like Subway or just taco truck like places?

The only type of store nearby is like an Albertsons type store, not much there but electronics and groceries. As for fast food, the nearest is KFC close to the stake building, which is out of my area, but there’s little stores gas station convenience type stores on every corner and pollerias every few blocks. Really though for birthday or Christmas I’d like it better if you could send a package, I don’t know with what, but something small. I really haven’t used my personal money becasue there’s not much to use it on, we have almost everything we could want from the mission.

*At one time you said the only thing that will change on your mission is the horizon...is that still true?

Change is an interest subject. Honestly I know I have changed. I know that I’m becoming more patient, I am learning to love people on first sight and to really open my heart even if I‘ve only known them for a few days. I don’t know how much more I’ve learned, but I know it’s a ton, and I know that I will keep learning for a long time. The horizon on my mission is basically the same here in comas too, but the hills are on the other side now,

What is your district/Zone like?  I know you said there are many more, do you know why?  

My district is 6 elders now, and my zone is 19, 5 sisters and 14 elders. We have a weekly meeting and it’s a lot of fun to see how the others are all doing. My whole district is training. 3 trainers and 3 trainees. I think it’s just a bigger stake and for that there are more missionaries-

*Are you closer to the mission offices?  I googled the area of Comos...it seems like a large area.

Yes I’m closer to the offices, but not by much. The whole mission is within about an hour of the offices, so now instead of within 40 minutes I’m at about 20 or 25. Comas is like a county, it’s called a municipality, not sure exactly if that translates right.

*Did you get to bring your kettle with you?  What kind of cooking set up do you have?

I didn’t bring my kettle because elder De Leon would have been high and dry without breakfast for a few days, so it was a gift, but now we have pension in the morning and in the evening, we run there about 1 kilometer for exercise in the morning, and then come back and get ready to study.

*You said the apartment was nicer...how?  Are there 4 elders in the apartment or just you and your comp.?

Its bigger, on the 3rd story and newer. Just me and Elder Mariscal are here and the only problem is that we still don’t have a hot water doohickey for the shower. ooooh frio!
*You mentioned that you had to let your companion know the sad truth that some missionaries are not very obedient.  Reality is hard.  Will he join you in being obedient.and immediately so?

Yes, he’s super obedient and it’s great, When you are obedient, you just feel good, every day and all day. Look for the experience from my letter to President to see a description of how he is.

*Have you gotten used to all the walking...or do you get to take public transportation in this area?

We take public transportation more in this area, and its a little strange to be using so much more of the transportation fund that we get, but its definitely okay, because I’d rather not walk more than the estimated average we do of between 8 and 10 kilometros every day.

*I noticed that you were the only one is short sleeves in one of your recent pictures.  Is your wardrobe sufficient?  Is it beginning to be short-sleeve weather there?

Its starting to warm up here already, but I will need a new sweater for next winter, sweaters every single day for the past 4 or 5 months definitely was a little much with just two sweaters. If you do send a package, some more ankle socks now that we run for exercise would be great, the ones from my room should be fine.

Experience from my letter to president.

This week was really hard. It felt like we were doing everything right, working hard, contacting looking for members and less actives, following the schedule to a T and generally just being really obedient faithful missionaries. The problem was that those we planned to visit weren’t home, and those that were home refused more than once to let us share a short lesson. We had one day this week when we literally walked all day long from one appointment to the next, plan A plan B and then plan C fell through, and I couldn’t figure out why it was so hard to get anything accomplished. We have been working with a less active family trying to help them decide to come back to church after 10 years, and we found out that she didn´t come back because she had a bad experience with a priesthood leader telling her she couldn´t take the sacrament just yet. She also has fibro myalgia, so coming will be a physical challenge as well. Last night we had a lesson with her family where her 24 year old daughter expressed more or less the first part of this letter. She was a good member, even preparing for a mission and then her mom got sick and there were a bunch of other family problems, and she didn´t understand how God could let that happen. We shared a scripture about Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail that now I can apply to our situation as well. We´ve done all we can and now we have to entregar our area into His hands and learn from the experience.

Other than everything here I’m fine, this week wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle and don’t worry. I do have a question. What is the name of that foto of the stripling warrior and his mom? 

I love you all and hope you are all doing your best with the missionary work there!


Elder Nelson

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