Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Conference Muy Bien

Dear Familia,                                                                                                             

Well the computer shut down just when I was about to send my letter to president, and the church program doesn´t keep a draft of your this letter will likely be a touch short.

First, there are tremors all the time here in Lima, you just walk over to a doorway and ask the neighbors if they felt anything haha. I´ve been in a few minor earthquakes here, already and really it’s like someone walking past your chair accidentally bumped it. Nothing major, no worries. Apart from that there haven´t been any major accidents, I feel pretty blessed. I did meet Elder Young a few P-days back, and he and I actually share a few friends from high school even though he’s a year older in school than I am.

A happy birthday to Grandpa Andy, you´re the greatest, and I share about your love of woodworking every once in a while with my companions or investigators. Can´t wait to see what you make next when I get home!

Happy Birthday to dad! I think I´ll probably write a little longer to you next week, but just in case, and so you know I remembered haha. Love you dad! October 1982 conference Marion G Romney, just a tidbit to read :) 

I received letters by mail from Sister Grimmett and from Krystall Greenwell. Thanks to you both and I love to hear from you about all the things that are happening there.

As for this week, we are still looking for people to teach but we are having success from a member’s son Efrain and the Portilla family, they just need to be divorced first and then get married to their current partners. The bishop is a lawyer though, and is helping them to navigate the legal system. They are doing it happily, but it will likely mean the marriage will be in 6 months, when one of the two of us won´t be here :/ The good news is that Gemma will be getting baptized on the 26th of this month, and she and her sister are already inviting friends to her baptism. 

Conference was so incredible (and in Spanish), I especially loved President Monson´s talk in priesthood session. It´s so true that the Home teaching program of the church is something that we fail on, as evidenced by the role of Ward Elders Quorum president being the person that has to nag about doing it every month. Honestly it should be a joy and a privilege to do it every month and have our own personal missionary ministry here in the ward. I wasn´t the greatest hometeacher my last few years of high school, but I repented when I got to college and needed to motivate one of my roommates to go and do it. We visited each of our assigned people every month and knew when they were in a tough time (not too hard when were all in midterms). Just wanted to encourage everyone back home to do their home and visiting teaching and make it a priority. (How was conference for the Hill family and the new Nelson family?)

I hope you all had a wonderful conference weekend and that you were able to draw some things out of what was said in every talk, I know I did. I love you all and pray that you trust in the Lord with all of your heart might mind and strength.


Elder Nelson

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