Monday, November 11, 2013

The Lesson of the Currant Bush in Peru

Elder Nelson with his new Companions
  Elder Viza and Elder Artero
Happy Birthday, Elder Nelson!
Dear Familia,                                                                              

Bien well the first thing I can tell you is that it’s true, being in a triple is hard, especially when you already know the other two missionaries, or think that you know them. I ´ve learned a bit this week about Elder Artero and Elder Viza, and it turns out I didn´t know them well enough to make some of the judgments I had made. The good news is that we are nearing the end of the longest week of the mission and things between the three are completely normal, even working super hard together. I think what caused a few waves could be that we didn’t just get put in a trio, we had to merge the two areas at the same time. I started the week way too worried about My investigators, My area and My old companion, and through the passing of time, was able to realize that as of the moment Elder Mariscal and I received that phone call, it wasn’t like that, it was Our investigators, Our area, and We were companions. I know that the Lord sent me to Ano Nuevo 2 for a reason, and that I was with Elder Mariscal for a reason, but also I was sent to Ano Nuevo combined area for a reason, and that little by little I’m gaining the experiences I will need for the rest of my life. For more on this type of learning experience look up the talk on the current berry bush, extra points for watching the Mormon Message as well. (Mom if you can post a link to the blog on that, it’d be great) 

With the two areas together, we walk a ton, and it’s more like walk jogging, or trotting if you will, because just normal walking would make it so you cross our area in about 40 or 50 minutes, and well, we have 10 minutes max in between lessons. We are working incredibly hard and finish exhausted every night. I think as well that I’m finally getting in shape.

The Cotrina Paz family will be baptized this next week, after what really was a conversion that I´ll never forget, they were sold from the minute we said we were from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The only problem that exists now is that their 16 year old daughter prefers to be baptized on her birthday in December, and we prefer to show them the importance of making these important decisions as a family. I really am not worried about that. They are a Book of Mormon family; they read all of the introduccion and first Nefi in two weeks from when we gave them a Book of Mormon, so basically we start off the lesson with  a question and answer session from what they read. 

This week I have felt more than one time when the whole room goes silent as I´m teaching and everyone listens, I feel like the spirit is almost tangible in moments like that and the people we are teaching notice too. What’s even more incredible is that this isn’t a normal family or house, where when there are visitors, everything stops: there are giant backhoes and other vehicles passing the house constantly, two kids that aren’t older than 8 that start to bother their mom as soon as we knock on the door, and various neighbors you can hear from inside the house. But for two or three minutes, it all stops, and It feels as though we are in a temple, where all of the outside noise is gone, and only that peaceful silence exists.

About receiving long letters, I honestly can read quite quickly, and if it’s something I won´t reply to until the next week I try to read or skim that letter and then put it in the folder for next week. The majority of the people understand that I have a very limited time to write, and don’t expect an immediate reply. Also, if it’s a letter where someone gives spiritual advice or something important happened at home, I print those letters or save them on my flash drive. No worries, I dedicate 80 percent or more of the time to reading and writing family members :) 

Well, that was this week. The mission life is crazy, but the time passes way too fast to believe it sometimes. I love Peru, I could live here forever...if my family and friends were here as well. I have my friends here, and some feel like family too. I love you all; I hope that You are depending on the spirit in everything you do, not only in the church related things.


Elder Nelson

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