Monday, December 16, 2013

Hermana Reneè, Beatriz and Slater

Dear family,                                                                                                                       

I guess I do skip a lot of the details, and often. Maybe that’s because I haven’t been able to shake the feeling of needing to carry a mounted video camera around with me since I’ve gotten here. Honestly the majority of things that I want to share wouldn`t make sense if I shared them, or at least that’s how my thinking goes. Also I have less details because these last two changes its been really tough to write in my journal more than every three or 4 days, and at the beginning it was every single day. It helps me to cement the details of every day in my mind.

This last week we spent a lot of time looking for new investigators, because when we re-divided the area, it was re-divided differently and we didn’t have as many people to visit on a regular basis. We spend plenty of afternoons talking with members, stopping by their houses to teach lessons and see if they would be willing to help us out with a reference or two. We stopped by a less active sister`s house, Hermana , to share a thought with her and she really hadn`t had anyone stop by to talk with her in a while. She started with a brief (20 minute) description of her life haha and then I was finally able to get a work in edgewise to explain we were there to share a message with her. We talked about how the Lord expects us to work hard during our lives and also wants us to come to Him, especially coming to church. She thinks she`s an active member of the church still :/ We shared the lesson and she asked us to come back to put a new roof on her house and paint a room because she fractured her foot getting out of a moto. We plan to go back, but we are really hoping that this leads to something more, maybe presenting us to neighbors, or family members. 

The other we are working especially with is Beatriz. I think I have described her before, but she comes from a super Catholic family, she’s about 30 and she will be getting married on Friday to her husband who’s a member. Slander has been to church maybe 4 times in 10 years. The problem is that she believes everything and still doesn`t want to accept a baptismal date. She gives us food, prays like she’s been a member, embraces gospel principles as the best way we can influence our children (she has two little boys 7 and 5 Mattias and Lucas), and invited her sister to listen to us as well. I just don`t understand why she can`t bring herself to be baptized. 

Elder Viza is 19 years old, from Arequipa, he has about 4 months here in the mission.  He`s a good elder, wants to serve the Lord and that’s one of the first requirements there is to serving a mission. He`s somewhat quiet and shy, but he is learning to open up a lot more through the mission.

Good news!  This week I`m going to the temple for the "second time" during 2013 on Thursday morning. I`ll be able to see the new video, the nativity and the temple grounds for Christmas at 75 degrees out haha. 

We are self-pensioning for a while and that’s mostly because we are really far from any of the members that are willing to provide it and so we can`t really spend the time in the early morning to go over and start to cut into studies. We usually eat yogurt and cereal or bread...(sorry for the’s really spacey today) The sisters are good, we still eat lunch with members and that will be constant for the whole mission.   We are creative with members because they usually aren’t too excited about the mission work and that’s really hard.  I want you to know I am happy, and working hard and obedient. 

I love you all. I will choose a better computer next week and try to type better. I guess this week was tough, and so I try not to send details. Know that I struggle, but that it’s nothing I haven`t been able to handle. Keep the Faith, remember who we are, and our role in His grand plan.


Elder Nelson

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