Monday, June 17, 2013

Kebabs and Entrails...yum

Dear Family

Well the truth is that I lost my first USB drive, but I have two more and that other drive only had a few pictures of the temple and of the choir that I directed, and the video of the choir. I´m totally okay with that and today the letter will be a touch shorter because I spent some time backing up photos on USB number 2. 

Yes mom I heard about Braden being engaged, I just thought I would play a little trick like Braden with Rosi, haha. (*Braden never responded when we told him we got a new dog, Rosi) Ashley by all reports seems like a wonderful girl and as a prospective missionary she probably is really deeply rooted in the gospel, which is really the foundation of a good marriage. With the several talks Braden and I had in between Utah and Washington,  he´s ready for marriage and I´m extremely proud and excited for them both. Please welcome Ashley into the family as warmly as Joe. The news had me distracted much of Pday, but now its only when it comes time to pray. I love to hear wonderful news like that.

News about Lima East: all of the ward members have told me it includes the majority of the sierra, so expect a frio fuerte and lots of mamitas like the tradicional pictures of Peru. That's a bit for Christian.

As for fathers day, this one might strike a chord and I´m sorry if it does. Has anyone visited Grandpa´s grave for a while? I´d like someone to do that sooner than later. It seems like he occupied my mind for a while on Father´s day. He provided well for his children and even afterward provided for his Grandchildren. I know I don´t even realize the privileges that have come to me as a result of his decision to work hard all of his life. I love him now while I am here in the mission field that he loved so much more than ever. Dad I feel the same way about you. You have worked so hard for our family and I´m positive that I didn´t say I love you or thank you or I´m sorry enough while I was home. You always chose to be the bigger man in any disagreements we ever had. This may seem a little small to you, but if my other blog doesn´t have an entry on Fathers then it was on my list of subjects I wanted to write about. You are my biggest example of a righteous man and a covenant keeping father and I love you.

My experience of the week for this email is more of a group of experiences. We are working right now on completing a few less active families with the hope that completing them also activates them. The investigators are two 9 year old daughters a father a 16 year old son and a 17 year old cousin who lives close. Each one is a different family and each one has specific challenges. Teaching the youngest ones is giving me a chance to really fine tune my Spanish and explain the gospel in a simple, easy to understand way. It´s helping me to get back to the basics. The best part is that in all the cases except the dad, there is a worthy priesthood holder whom we've asked to do the baptism. It´s the best of all worlds and I know that in that way these kids will remain active in the church. The father is a really interesting one. Arturo is an adventista, which usually means that he would want to bible bash a while before opening up. I don´t like that because A it gets rid of the spirit in a hurry and B I can´t do it because I don't know the bible well enough. The difference with him is that although he has a beer every once in a while like maybe two times a month, he's a really regular guy, he has seen how those who know the church have less complicated lives and that appeals to him. He has had a lot of things going badly lately and that bothers him, but he knows that when he prays he feels calm about things like that. Basically he's the most prepared you can be to getting baptized, he's just missing the lessons and attendance. We have had one lesson with him and one with the rest of his family because of the work schedules, but already his family has come back to attend at least once. I love that he knows what a difference the gospel makes in life, and I hope he continues in his good decisions.

That picture at the coast is actually me and a zone leader, Elder Tana, or Elder Tanita because of his height. He's about 4´10´´ I think. He´s so great. Our mission president gives permission to zones to visit specific parts of the city for Pdays because our mission doesn´t cover any of the historic parts of the city. For that reason we made it to the coast on that pday. No, my companion is about my height and has about 40 pounds on me. I´ll send pictures next week of us cooking anticucho (cow heart on kebobs) with a member. They also cook the entrails with a vinegar baste. Its a little of a delicacy here, and its soooo good :) We do get a long better than Elder Arce and I, and he actually spent ten months in Lima before the jungle, but he definitely prefers it here, which is a real blessing because he will likely stay here. He says the jungle was really cool and great to look at, but the work isn´t the same, people inactivate quickly and its just different.

Well time is short and so´s the letter this week, I promise I´ll write more next week. Tell Aubs it´s okay, parked cars can really jump out at you from my experience. I love you all and pray for you constantly.


Elder Nelson

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