Monday, June 10, 2013

Satan's Subtle Tone

Coastal Lima

Dear Familia,                                                                                                                   

So much mission news! Megan will do great in Provo, it’s been her dream to serve for a long time and I´m excited for her to be in P-town, where memories are made. Tanner Gill is too young to serve a mission, wow time flies there doesn´t it.  And Christian, if there was one youth in the Tri-Cities that exemplified temple worship even before he understood the full importance of it, it´s Christian Burrup. He´s going to be a Seventy someday or something. Such an example to me of a spiritually minded young man.

Sorry for the lack of explanation, but the museum was a museum of the Catholic Church history in Peru like all of the museums here haha. All of them have some kind of connection to that church but yeah that was the confessional of Peru, hace muchos años. torture them until they admit that they aren´t a Catholic, it was really sad, especially the one with lash marks, that made me think of what Christ endured for us and the fate of the martyrs of the ancient church. Center of Lima is all the buildings, it’s the old part of Lima but all of it but the palace and the Catholic church that fits like thousands have been converted into a shopping broadway.

Miraflores area of Lima
This week for Pday we went to where the money is in Lima, on the coast to a place called Larcomar. The differential of money is astounding. We even went bowling, but my score was pretty rank, I came in second with only 109...I going to have to relearn a few things. In the next email I’m going to try to send a panorama that I took of the coast, super cool. The Marriott is to show dad that there’s a space to the right that he could build and we could visit....;)

Dinners are exactly the opposite, now we have pension and that means we have a sister that cooks for us for dinner. It´s perfect we go buy like 60 cents of fresh bread an maybe an empenada for breakfast and have that with the evaporated milk drink (they call it leche de gloria) and then dinner is something that the hermana fixes up for us. Also I need the recipe for pancakes stat, a sister wants to treat us to pancakes and homemade pizza and I don´t know how to do pancakes other than a mountain of flour and eggs and milk, but flour plus what is like bisquick? Anyway, a recipe would be nice, thanks :) I mark the receiving date on all the mail that I get, and it looks like on average it´s three weeks, this time with grandma´s dear elder a little more, if you send a dear elder please put the date, there’s no stamped date usually and so I have no way to know when you sent it.

This week we had this crazy experience with an investigator who went to seminary for two years and then stopped going to church and seminary because his parents stopped him from getting baptized. In the past year, he started listening to metal music (note: be careful of the things you let Satan suggest to your mind through the subtle power of the musical word or tone...that’s an original) and he felt powerful when he listened to it. Lo and behold he started to see a dark figure in the streets but never face to face, only from behind. Then he and his family heard noises after leaving their apartment with nobody inside after one of our visits, like someone pacing on the metal roof. It gets freakier, but the end of the story is that we dedicated the home against the power of the adversary and he (15 years old) gets this super strong headache after the prayer. We gave him a blessing and it subsided to this feeling like a wrestling match inside of his chest. Friends and Family, the power of the adversary is real and strong, but it is absolutely and unequivocally insignificant in comparison with the magnificent and God-given power of the holy priesthood. Guard yourselves against any slip that might carry you down this path that leads to nothing but misery and regret. Our friend Daniel erased all of the music from his computer, all images of darkness and even his facebook account. He has a very long road of recovery to go, but you all don´t even have to glance at the other fork in the road for a moment to know that you don´t want what´s at the end of it.

Super glad they are on the other side of the fence :)
I am having experiences that will shape and mold the rest of my life here in Peru, and it´s all thanks to my Heavenly Father, who has blessed me with family, friends, teachers and leaders who helped me to see who I could become. Now my companion helps me to learn more and more every day. He understands quite a bit of English and is super super obedient, it shows in the results we are having in the area. We get along really well except for that he walks a little slow...we are fixing that bit by bit :)

I love you all and hope that your decisions bring you closer to that awesome Being who created us.

Elder Nelson 

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