Monday, February 24, 2014

A Joyous White Afternoon

Dear Familia,                                                                                                                          

Wow what an awesome week for receiving letters. With this week being transfers, I´ll have to apologize if this letter is short, I have to give a final report on how the other missionaries in my district are, just in case they are transferred out. I loved getting letters from everyone at home. Now that I think of it, it could have been kind of funny seeing mom and dad with their laptops, Kolby and Melissa with either an ipad or their ipods, all writing on Sunday afternoon; I doubt that was how it happened, but the thought is amusing.

As for supplies, two pair of pants is perfect, maybe another sweater, I have two that fit well, with the one you sent, and one that makes me look a little bit paunchy (it’s a small haha) I got the shirt you sent and used it to baptize in in the white afternoon because it was closest to the color of my baptismal pants. The man in CTR clothing was so right. I’m glad I didn’t reserve anything and that I’m rotating all the time because if I had, I would have good clothes days and dirty clothes days. By the by, the socks are absolutely atomic, they don´t fade, and they don´t get used up, definitely worth the higher price. Also my feet haven´t had any of the normal Elder feet problems. My journals are good, but I might need the blue one if I can get back into the habit of writing more regularly. The sad experience of becoming a leader is that my journaling has tanked, and knowing how important to me my journal is, I hope that I can get back  into the habit.

The white afternoon went really well. The spirit was felt incredibly strong. The video feed didn’t have audio, so we ended up putting the player piano on prelude for the whole meeting to keep the congregation from the murmuring that usually happens to prolonged silence. I helped with traffic control in the hallway and our grand total I think was 23, with members and some of the bishops baptizing as well. The fotos I am sending are of Ronald and of Jean Paul. They both chose me to baptize them and the witnesses to all of the baptisms were the stake president and President Erickson. The other missionaries were mopping and helping keep order during the service, but really even doing things like that, we all felt how incredibly special the even was, and every companionship had at least one person there to be baptized, so everyone felt good.

Ronald who had asked me about the Book of Mormon a couple weeks back, looked up at me a few minute before his baptism. Having watched one of the other missionaries pass me his nametag before entering the font, he asked me, "¿Hermano Nelson, cuando voy a recibir mi placa?" (Brother Nelson, when will I receive my badge?) I explained to him how in 9 years, he will get to wear a nametag and that he has to write me about it as soon as he gets it. This kid is absolutely golden. I hope he serves some day and I hope that I will know when he starts to serve.

Well that was the week. We will know about changes in about a half hour, and I will let you know next week. I love you all, I pray for you and hope that you are making correct decisions :)


Elder Nelson

PS: had to send you my iguana pic from the miniature zoo we visited the last p-day, thought it was a good coincidence that I as well got to see an iguana!

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