Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Zona Collique

Dear Familia,                                                                                                                                         

Well you were right, I met a ton of people this week, more for the changes than anything, but I did spend the last two days or so hospitalized. What happened is that theres a stomach virus going around in the mission, and we don`t really control our food intake apart from leaving some rice on the plate when I can`t move anymore. 

Also, I was only in the hospital accompanying an elder that has been sick a few weeks. I`ve been assigned as zone leader in Zona Collique in Las Casuarinas ward. As part of my duties, I stayed with Elder Ortiz in the hospital while his companion went back to work in his area. I will be writing more this afternoon. My morning internet time this morning is more for reports on the zone.

Love you,

Elder Nelson

 Dear Familia,

Of course I wasn´t sick. I wrote that I was only accompanying the elder that was sick. I have been just a little bit common coldish, but that is very quickly going away. I am one of three zone leaders in Collique, which is a part of San Felipe Stake in Comas, Lima. Part of my duties have been to accompany Elder Ortiz in the hospital, write a bunch of reports on Monday and look for apartments and make the move for a couple of elders that are opening a new area in the zone. 

The district leaders don`t take as much of a load in the MPLN, due to President Blunck´s policies, and so the Zone leaders do a LOT of extra work outside of what is regular proselyting. My companion, Elder Oliva (from Guatemala) told me that one week last transfer, he and his  companion spent approximately 5 hours proselyting as compared to the regular 50 or 60 for various leadership tasks that they had to complete. I`ve definitely seen that this week, as my other companion Elder Rosi (Argentino) has been in and out of the clinic as well for an ingrown toenail that he had to have fixed. We taught from about 5 or 6 PM forward for a few days while he recovered.

The area I`m in is pretty hilly, not like the stairs in my first area, but just up and down streets everywhere, and nowhere is really all that flat. I like it, it’s about as far from the offices as you can get in one of the three directions of the mission. It takes somewhere around 45 minutes to get to the offices from our area, if the right bus passes at the right time. 

Elder Oliva came to Collique this transfer as well, together with me, and has 14 months, so he basically has the same time as me, but he`s been a zone leader for a transfer more. He`s a bigger guy, loves to laugh, more of a disciplinary leader but with creative punishments, like the seminary teacher that has you sing I`m a little teapot for coming to class late. He keeps things interesting, and really wants the zone to be better missionaries one by one. (Our zone finished the last month at the bottom of the pile in terms of numbers, and has only been a zone for one transfer.)

Elder Rosi is pretty relaxed, but he has a very different perspective than Elder Oliva and I because he`s already finished his two years, and is here for three weeks more to show Elder Oliva and I the area and zone, by  special request from presidente. He loves his investigators and is preparing all of them to stay faithful even when he goes.

As far as journaling goes...well my journal habit died about a month ago when I was well invested in helping Elder Viza out. And now as a zone leader there’s even less time to dedicate even though when I remember about my journal I feel bad. I know how important journals are, and to have left it for so long hurts quite a bit. Maybe this change I will be able to figure out a good time to write. We are often awake more than until 10:30, making phone calls with the assistants or making the financial reports of the zone. It´s exhausting, but I can at least control the other half of the mission schedule by getting up at 6:30 every morning. I am finding things to control little by little. We have autopension completo in this area as well. This room even has a hotplate and a large fridge, a microwave and a blender. Recipes are welcome :)

I`m gaining a testimony this week about selfless service. Really there´s little or nothing that Christ did for himself, and as His servants we should show equal desires as we serve our fellow servants and brothers and sisters. We should do everything possible to make things easier for one another and look for ways to be serviceable, without expecting a reward. Serving like that gives us greater access to spiritual guidance and more gifts of the spirit.

I love you all, I`ve loved hearing about all the changes in your lives and thinking about how different things are in two years, be it in Peru or in the US. The changes I see here are eternal. Question of the week: Are the things you worry about most in your life of eternal significance? If they aren`t, what can you do to change that, if they are, how do you mediate the worry?


Elder Nelson

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