Sunday, August 31, 2014

Continue to be Anxiously Engaged

Dear Familia,                                                                                                                                 

Uhhhh, I still haven´t gotten the package, you may want to double check with Vanessa. One of two possibilities comes to mind: either the delivery guy took it to the West mission office (happens all the time because they are also on Carlos Izaguirre) or it´s been received here in Perú in their offices (Inka Envíos) and they haven´t brought it out yet. Either way I´m not too worried about it. It´ll get here eventually.

As for the ties thing, I planned on pulling the money out as soon as I got the go ahead from you. The charge should show up Monday or Tuesday this coming week. We bought them for the wedding so that the office elders could be uniform as wedding staff, then presidente shows up in a tie that also matches the decorations haha. He remembered from the last massive wedding and chose a tie to match.

The unknown address program has actually been a little more fruitful here, maybe because it is a good way to strike up a conversation with the people. We ended up finding family members of those on the list or people who knew them. Ultimately there are actually families coming back to the church because of the elders and sisters putting their part in, even though it can be a tedious program. Sometimes the missionaries feel like another new program from the area or church headquarters is just another burden or hurdle for the work in their area, and to a certain extent, I tend to agree. However, if they comply with the program because they know it’s the right thing to do, they end up with rewards in terms of new investigators, or blessings with current investigators, or who knows what else. I just know that unknown addresses has been one of the programs. When it came it seemed like the straw that would break the camel´s back with all the other focuses we had given the missionaries, but now it´s just a normal part of the work and another way to keep ourselves "anxiously engaged in a good work". 

Congratulations on your new calling mom! I know that this is what you have been preparing for in going to all those institute classes the last couple of years. I think that was a pretty influential thing for me right before leaving on the mission. I´m not talking in terms of content because I honestly can´t remember even the general topic of the class, but in terms of example and life lessons. You may never teach a class that the students will remember forever, but you will change them in the way you show your love for the gospel, in the way you live it every day and teach them life lessons like you have always taught your kids. This calling is excellent for you. PS, if you´re ever in desperate need of a guest speaker in your class in the second´ve got a homegrown one that´s perfectly willing. Just some food for thought :) Say hi to Brother Black for me, I´ve often thought about his family and how they are doing nowadays. Have a great week in class!

Sorry it´s short, but it´s really late and after playing soccer again today with Elder Burrup, I got a little sunburned and it´s given me a little bit of a headache :/ I love you all and I know that when the Lord sends us trials or tests it´s for our own benefit. He truly is the Master Gardener who sometimes needs to prune us and other times needs to let us grow. I hope you all have an inspiring week, and I´ll write better next week!


Elder Nelson

PS FELICITACIONES a mi hermanita en su nuevo equipo, espero que tenga una temporada bien exitosa y que use esta oportunidad para ser la misionera que siempre es! (CONGRATULATIONS to my sister on your new team, I hope you have a successful season well and use this opportunity to be the missionary who is forever!)

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