Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Two Bombers meet up....

First a couple of fotos from a couple of weeks back as well. This is the time we went to play against the Lima Central Mission. A typical Pday in the offices is every once in a while going with Lamoni Tours to play soccer. Sometimes against other missions, mostly not, but they always give us lunch afterwards so everyone´s happy!

Dear Familia,

Of course I met Elder Buckner and Elder Hovenden! I went with the office elders and president to pick them up from the airport the night they got in and the next morning we had a training with them, a lot similar to what Kolby's was like. We start an orientation about all of the dos and don´ts here in the MPLN as well as take pictures with president and sister Erickson and we have them write a letter to be scanned and sent to their parents. Meanwhile, the rest of the mission that has changes is out back of the chapel in the soccer field receiving the changes from President. From their the two sides come together as the trainers come inside to eat pizza with the new missionaries (without knowing which ones will be together). The instruction is to sit in front of any of the already seated trainers and to share the pizza with them.  Afterwards, we all go to the other side of the chapel and Presidente gives final instructions before reading off the list of the new missionaries, where they will serve, and who their trainer is. Everyone gets to their area around 3 in the afternoon and then it´s off to work.

I haven´t gotten the package from you yet, but it should be coming in soon, no worries. I did get a dearelder from sister Grimmett and the letter from Kolby that he sent with Elder B. That's a funny story. Elder B comes off the bus to meet us in the airport (their plane got in early and the transport team had already loaded them up) and hands me the letter, then he proceeds to tell me that he forgot a load of laundry in the Mexico CCM...and that maybe they could send it to the East mission with the group of missionaries that would be going there the following day. So at around 11:30 at night we sent an email to the Mexico CCM asking for that to happen, but obviously no one can answer until morning. The next morning after all the missionaries have come in from the surrounding areas where we had farmed them out to, we finally receive an email saying they would be able to do that. I put Elder U in charge of getting the clothes from the East mission because he has a friend over there and as well Elder Ba and I would be in multizone training for the next couple of days. 

Friday, after an additional training for the new elders about the 12 weeks program, Elder U arrives with Elder B´s clothes saying that the East mission has a new presidente and that just a couple weeks ago he changed almost all of the office staff, bringing in a redhead from Richland Washington to be his personal secretary! I was absolutely ecstatic for Elder Burrup and then Elder U dropped the bomb...this new president in the East mission might let them come play soccer with us. I was speechless and waited for the phone call later that night. Answering the phone I started typically Hi this is Elder Nelson from the MPLN...hi this is Elder Burrup...AAAGHAHAG!  He said they had talked to their presidente and would be able to play, so we met up today in Los Olivos and played soccer against each other while catching up just a little. He says their mission also got cut down to just Lima and that Sister Rhoten ended up in the Huancayo mission, she´ll be finishing up soon. Their supplies secretary is from Othello and happens to be a Calloway cousin, how wild right?
Anyhow, that was a big surprise and a lot of fun to be able to see him and know that a couple of tri city boys ended up on the other side of the world together. Funny you mention being healthy. The new supplies secretary here got sick just about right away when he came in and spread it to me, but it´s nothing but a cough and sore throat deal. Today I have actually been just about completely over it, so don´t worry about ti at all.

The car that Melissa passed the test in looks like it got a couple new dings in it...related? I think so ;) Just kidding, I´m sure Melissa is a wonderful driver and that she won´t get into any accidents like her older brother. 

I guess today is a short letter but with a ton of fotos. How´s that for a trade off? I love you all, and hope that this week will be a great one. I´ll take that invitation to be the random act of godly mercy in the lives of those I run into and hope you all do the same!


Elder Nelson

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