Monday, March 17, 2014


Dear Family,

It`s not exactly mission rules that I have to write a shorter letter to you all every Monday. It´s just that now, I have to write reports every Monday during my internet time, and the priority according to the mission is the reports, my letter to presidente, and then my letter home. That means that if something gets shortchanged because I am now packing more things into the time limit, it´s the letter home :/.

Notwithstanding, I am determined to write a quality letter every Monday, even if it has to be a tad shorter due to time constraints. Starting with investigators. This happened yesterday:

We went to the house of a recent convert, PF, less active and non member. Its all 4 focus groups in one household, the Romero family. The recent news is that the old elders baptized on of the matriarch´s daughters, Jaky, without having her marry her live in boyfriend because when the wedding came around, her boyfriend disappeared for 3 or 4 days. Daniel had had some drug problems and he fell, hard, the night before the wedding. Well the elders made a not so smart choice and decided that it would be okay to baptize her because they were technically separated.

Fast forward a month and a half to when we got here. They had obviously gotten back together and it was a bad situation, now that Jaky is a member and well greater light is means greater condemnation. So we hit the fast track on recovering Daniel and getting their marriage papers in order. Now we have been here three weeks, and we are planning a pollada, and event where they make fried chicken and French fries with a little bit of salad and sell it at an inflated price to raise money. It´s super common and the take happens to come to about exactly the price of a marriage, so we have several in the plans for the investigators we have here.

They are two we are working with. I will give another vignette of our investigators next week! I didn´t receive the package, but it ought to come soon no worries. Just an administrative thing, my converts want to connect to me on facebook /those from my other areas) but I think it’s still under Cameron Nelson. Could you change it to Cameron Bryce should be easier to find for them.

Did you all get the package I sent?

Love you all, have a great week and make great decisions!


Elder Nelson

And later in the day:

PS con permiso especial tengo treinta segundos para escribirle un feliz cumpleaños madre mia. Hace 20 años que me dio la vida y te agradezco por todo el sacrificio, todo el amor, todas las lagrimas de frustracion y gozo que han brotado de tus ojos. Eres mi madre, la mujer más importante en mi vida y te amo con cariño familiar. Que pases un día especial, con familia, y recuerdas que próximo año lo pasaré felizmente contigo.


Elder Nelson

Here is the translation:

"P.S. I got special permission to take 30 seconds and write you a birthday note. 20 years ago you gave me life, and I thank you for all the sacrifices, love and all the tears (of both frustration and joy) that you shed for me. You are my mom, the most important woman in my life and I love you tenderly. Have a special day with the family! Remember that this coming year I will joyfully celebrate your birthday with you.
Elder Nelson

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