Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Time Management

Save a Cow...Eat Chicken!
Dear Family,

(from Peggy:)I got a very fun call from Jodi Cannon today (Benton City).  She wanted to tell me about her letter from Elder Dalton Cannon.  He is serving in Chile Santiago West.  He had a young man return home from his mission to the ward Elder Cannon is serving in.  He said he knew a missionary on his mission from Washington...Elder Cameron Nelson.  The missionary was Elder Claudio Leiva.  He is from Chile, Avanida Matta ward in the Santiago West mission.  Dalton wrote, "Could it be???"  So she called to see what mission you were in!  Did you know him?  How? Did you serve together?  I didn't have him down as one of your companions.  So fun!!!!  Such a small world sometimes!
Yep, it´s the same Elder Claudio Leiva from MPLN. He was my first district leader in Magnolias, and I’ve seen him in a couple massive marriages and conferences since then.

You can let Grandma Andy know that I got her letter the other day and read it a few times. I love to hear from them and know how they are doing. I worry about their health, but if they’ve made it to a year in my mission, they ought to be able to make it many many more. 

Dad wrote and mentioned that during his mission, when he was in the offices, he was just as successful as when he was working full time. I´m seeing those blessings. This month we are preparing two couples for marriage. One that the missionaries have been teaching for a while, and another that the missionaries baptized the wife when they were separated, but now they’ve gotten back together, and need to get married. It’s really sad that here, marriage is only considered if you have a lot of money. We often ask people when they got married after they tell us they have been together 20 or 30 years, and they say they never got married, due to difficulty with papers or with money.

As well dad, the mission has 12 zones, and is preparing to have a 13th. Two stakes have two different zones, and the average stake of 6 to 8 wards has 20 missionaries.

That’s all the time I have this week, we just have to get accustomed to not having long letters, because the reports take so long. I don`t think I will be writing many people other than you guys from here on out, I just don’t have the time.

Love you all, take care and remember to do the things you know are right.


Elder Nelson

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