Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I love my District!

My MTC District
My companion, Elder Cazier
Dear Family,                                                                                                   March 6, 2013

I had such an incredible week! I only hope I can send a journal home completed so that it can tell you all the things that I am learning and doing. Elder Aidukaitus of the Seventy came on Tuesday night and gave a devotional all about the three kingdoms of glory. That was spectacular; he said that God loves His children so much that even those who reject Him and His commandments he has prepared a kingdom of glory beyond their comprehension or imagination for. How loving and charitable of him! That's the attribute I am working on this week. I want to love people that I don't even know, and I know that that is only possible through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Another talk that I listened to was Missions are Forever by Elder Holland, I think it was April 2006 if you can find it. I recommend it especially to Kolby and Dad and Braden as prospective missionary and RMs. It’s an incredible perspective on what our missions are and should be.

Before I forget, a few housecleaning items: The picture shows my district here, Elders Lee and Richardson are the redhead and the darker haired ones and Elder Cazier is the giant next to me. The sisters are harder because I can't see the picture and attach it at the same time, so Hermana Kalama is the Polynesian and her companion is Hermana Hardy, with the frizzier hair. Hermana Vincent is the rounder faced one with the thinner eyes, and her companion is Hermana Vawdrey. Hermana Cleveland has darker brown hair and Hermana Miner has the ombre hair. I hope that worked haha. Thank you Melissa for your letter! You win again and have tied the family for total letters ;) I will be writing a paper letter home for you soon.

I hope the cruise is so much fun, Hermana Vincent has been telling me about her trip to Belize this summer and I think that is about the same area. She did a sports camp and taught English to little hispanic islanders, so cool! I am learning so much from my district here, and I don't even know if I want to go on to the CCM in Peru anymore. I mean if it happens, then it is for a reason and obviously the Lord knows what's best, but I feel like my district and zone here have so much for me to gain from them. Each of them is connected to me in some strange way from before the mission, and I can't help but believe that we are sent to our MTC districts by inspiration alone, and that we knew each other up above. I love this gospel so much.

Currently, I can teach a fairly smooth lesson in Spanish-only with Elder Cazier, and though it might seem slow to a native speaker, it is pretty fast for me before the MTC. (I'm sorry that I can't write more, I spent some time writing Darci an email response to hers to me.) I promise letters will get longer as I have more things to write about, I just don’t know how to fit it all into one letter! I just need to carry a video camera with me and send hours of tape home!

I love you all and can't wait to write next week when I have a little more time and material.


Elder Nelson

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