Sunday, March 3, 2013

So Many Mission Calls

Dear Family,                                                                                                      February 27, 2013

I’ll just apologize right now for the atrocious spelling you’ll see in this letter. (Mom fixed it for him-he didn’t even spell his own name right.) The keyboard isn’t very good on this computer and so I'll just doing the best I can with sticky keys. It sounds like you’ll be having quite the adventure in the Indies on your cruise! Do you plan on bringing a book of Mormon with you to share? I think that that could be a really great opportunity for you as a ward missionary dad. I can’t wait to share my interest in the culture at Peru. As of right now, I’m not sure where I will finish my MTC stay, mostly because I checked with the visa office and they said they haven’t heard anything from Peru on Visas so just to continue here until I learn different.

That’s so exciting for James and Cody! (James Madsen got his mission call to Cordova, Argentina and Cody Bake received his to Taiwan) They will both do so well in those missions! I have an elder in my district going to Cordova named Elder Richardson from Bingham high school here in Utah. Really solid elder reminds me a little of Braden on a basketball court. He’s a runner with athletic ability in a lot of other sports. The MTC is pretty crowded. They said that it is about 3600 right now and that by June they will have 8000. Also they are going to be adding another set of beds to every room or more. It’s such an incredible thing to see missionaries streaming in every week on my P day. It’s not super crowded now but the lines for food will get longer and several things like for computer time training will get longer, but it really doesn’t bother me too much, just teaches everyone patience.

Travel to Peru will probably be alone, unless there happens to be other missionaries going there on the day I go. I met the new president’s wife for the Cusco mission, but I can't remember where I wrote it down, she said to look them up if/when we go down to Macho Pichu. She was super sweet. A lot of the mission presidents and their wives are here for language immersion for the new missions. Dad mentioned that Iquitos is a new mission, which I learned through so I don't know where I’ll end up. I hope that the Lima north mission retains some jungle areas, it’d be a shame if I was to go to a city only mission. I know wherever I go it’s for a reason though and that the lord will let me know in time why I go where I go. It worried me for a couple of days but then I realized just how personal this mission process is for the lord. These are His children and we are sent to bring them home.

My Spanish is coming along really well. We track how much percentage we speak every day in our district and yesterday was probably around 75 or 80. We speak a lot and we learn a lot, and it wouldn’t be possible without the gift of the spirit. We just come up with words in lessons or in class that we didn’t know before and it’s only by the spirit that that could happen. I think maybe that’s how Braden did so well on his quiz the day I checked in. We all are being blessed on a daily basis with spiritual gifts, we just don’t always realize it or stop and think about it. I also have no idea what the sequester debate is, already being cut off is a little strange. I used to be really really informed, but now I realize that I’m super informed, just about a better set of information.

I’m really sorry that this letter is so scattered, the keyboard and typing it in the laundry room where the computers are available this week has got me a little here and there. In other random things, it’s really cold really cold. This morning on the way to the temple I had gray hands like that one track meet in middle school when coach Carneau had me wear her white gloves for the race. Remember that? I’m sorry to hear about Melissa’s finger. Hopefully that will heal soon so she can get back out there, but it’s probably for a reason, maybe there’s someone off the court she needs to fellowship? Who knows. The Lords mind and purposes are absolutely everywhere and it amazes me when I realize it.

No pictures today because I found out for the computers to attach a picture I need a card reader, available for $7 in the bookstore. Thanks for complimenting me on my handwriting, I guess I get neater when I write smaller, I’ve never felt like it was overly neat. It’s begun to sink in for me too.

This week another district in my zone left and they were the one that my district were closest with. It was super hard to watch them leave but I know they will all do so well out there. One of them is headed home because he had shoulder surgery and needs added recovery time. I felt bad but he probably will meet someone in the field that he wouldn’t have otherwise. I just realize that every district that leaves could be me depending on whether I get my visa or not this week. So crazy and I’m excited for what lies ahead. I love you all so much and I love hearing about what's going on. Don't hold a single thing back!

Love, Elder Nelson


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