Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Blessings of....Blessings!

Dear Family,                                                                                                March 13, 2013

Yes I got the dearelder, but I received it after I had already written my letter, so I couldn’t really get it to you that I don’t need my other suit. It’s totally started to warm up here, almost mid 50s like it will be in Lima. My district is going to Chile, Argentina, California and just me to Peru. No more than two are going to the same mission. Hermanas Vincent and Vawdrey are going to Bahia Blanca, same as Casey did! We will all be heading out the 25th or so, it’s that Monday Tuesday or Wednesday for sure, unless they delay us. Thats so good for Mason! He will be a great missionary. I was wondering when I read that how his girlfriend is doing now that she is baptized, that was really great for him to be able to be a part of. As far as visas, the travel office now has a sign up that says there is no visa news from pretty much all of South America, not sure whether that means for a good long while or not. I should be getting travel plans in the next three days, so we will have to see how it all goes. I've been thinking how cool it will be if I have a mission memories from a couple of different places. That's so crazy about my new mission president's son. It really is a small world. Does Braden know him from before, or how did that situation turn out?

The priesthood is such an incredible power. It can do literally anything that God’s children want to do righteously on this earth. There were a couple of missionaries in our branch who were having a tough time with the change of life, and as soon as each of them had received blessings, they changed so much! One is completely fine now, and the other is finding ways to deal with homesickness. It's so important to have faith in blessings. I didn't ask for as many as I should have growing up, and that’s a little bit of a pride issue that I am working on. I know I was pretty fiercely independent, but that's something the Lord is teaching me to let go of. Why would we come down to earth like we do, and live in wards and families guided by the priesthood if we weren’t supposed to use it to bless others and ask for it to bless us from others?
Jackson Ostler (Braden's roomate) found Elder Nelson
at the MTC this week and texted us a picture!
I was reminded the other day that I won't see the world cup of soccer this time around. Those were good memories with Kolby for sure. I'm glad that they’re off to a good start and that Melissa is recovering. World events don't seem to matter quite as much anymore...except for that changing to an Argentinian pope thing...I’m going to have to double check that email. I'm so grateful that dad and others in our family are worthy priesthood holders. It’s just so great! Other than Melissa’s finger, is everyone else doing well health wise?
I'll remember to send my SD card home, should I do that in time to send it back here? Like with around a 6 day total time? Things like that are a little harder to get used to. The slower pace of communication is such a blessing, it allows us to really focus on what we say, and remember things like....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I realized that yesterday it was coming up, and I'm so stoked. I remembered one time we had everything green for dinner, including green marshmallow salad. That stuff is so good, but it has walnuts here, so no dice there.

You asked if I wanted anything in my package, and I can’t really come up with anything at the moment, I live a simple life as a missionary, and its soooo refreshing. We can get so wrapped up in everything fast paced in life, and we forget that when Christ came, he didn’t have a megaphone or a TV station, he had a still small voice that pierced to the center. Anyway time is coming to a close. Dad, I love your letters and you are so right about being so busy the day flies by.

I love you all and can't wait to write again!

Love, Elder Nelson

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